Switching Gears

Looking at the stats involved in this blog just blows me away. 
I started it in 2011 as a way to get my thoughts in order and also remain transparent with anyone in the virtual world who may happen to benefit from anything I had to say. I didn't really think anyone would care that much, but the stats page shows an encouraging story. While it isn't anything hugely impressive, a nearly 100k total views is more than I ever thought I would garner. I just hope that my readers were able to glean something - no matter what it might have been - from every page view. 

Today, I am not the person who started this blog. There has been growth of course over the last ten years; some for better, some for worse. It's natural and it's human. While I have no desire to destroy this blog or change what is represented here, I can't stick around and continue to contribute to something that no longer fits me in any way. The last blog post about deconstructing my religious beliefs touches on this issue but it's not the whole story. 

I need a fresh start. I still love blogging, and I still have so much to say. I just won't be saying it here. 

This blog won't be active, but it's not going anywhere. While I don't even subscribe to many of the beliefs represented here, I want it all left intact for anyone who comes through. I think from beginning to end, it tells a complete story that is valid and necessary. No matter what any reader takes away from it, again - valid and necessary. 

The new blog will be linked below, but I hope no one visits it with the preconcieved notion that it will be anything like All My Arrows. Right now it is a working title (subject to many potential changes) until it begins to take on more of a life of its own but here it is. The continuation of my desire to be open, honest, and share my life with anyone interested in seeing it: 

Rants and Ravings