It may be over a year since I have submitted a blog post. It might be over three years. I can't even remember.
There was a season where I spent a lot of time at home, with all my littles, stuck among the housework and homework. We were so busy, but unable to really leave the house much. Everyone was so incapable. Everyone needed 115% of mommy all the time. I found meager minutes here and there to post my musings for anyone who would listen. Some people ignored me. Some people expressed extreme gratitude for the words the Holy Spirit put on my heart to share.
And then just like that, the season was over.
We moved into a different house. We had another baby (or two). I felt a change in my convictions. I turned 30. We got rid of our chickens (although people still ask about them frequently. I lost 50 pounds. I started seeing a counselor to deal with my childhood trauma. My husband became a police officer.
My house full of children is no longer the chaotic zoo of toddlers that it felt like before. My oldest is 11. Then I have a 9 year old and a 7 year old. They make their own breakfast and breakfast for the younger kids who are 5 and 3. Rowan, my oldest and only girl, comes in my room in the morning to take the baby so I can go back to sleep or drink my coffee. I can leave all of them home (even the 11 month old!) for short periods of time to grab things from the store or check the mail. I can let the oldest four walk places together unsupervised.

Rowan - 11, Dash - 9, Royal - 7, Archer - 5, Jericho - 3, Ender Dean - 10 months

How did things suddenly turn the corner into the easier realm of motherhood? I was so focused and obsessed with how difficult things were, because that's what moms do.
Babies are SO demanding. 
My life is so stressful.
This is SO HARD.
And then suddenly... it's not.
I will be the last person to say you need to enjoy it while it lasts, because let's be honest - there is NO enjoying the season of having no help while your husband is at work and feeling like you never get a second of peace. It's the hardest part of life I have ever experienced! Sure, I love my babies. But I couldn't just relax and love on them. Now I can ask an older kiddo to throw together a peanut butter sandwhich parade while I sit and soak in the baby snuggles.
Or, since I have trained my little minions so well, I can hand the baby to Rowan or Dash or Royal so they can soak up the baby snuggles while I make a real meal. They can even help get the baby to sleep, or help bathe the little ones for me and get them dressed - and they LOVE helping!
I can run a business.
I can get an education.
I can have friends!
Isn't it funny though how we talk about these "seasons" of motherhood from the perspective of being in the hard one? And rarely do people say that there is a better season coming. Rather, it's always "enjoy it, or you will have regrets!" Really, it's okay to feel like you can't enjoy being peed on, pooped on, puked on, begged for attention and getting no sleep EVER. It's okay to be DONE hearing "mom! mom! mom! mom! mom!" There's a better season coming.
One where you can turn to your almost-teen daughter and have a real, meaningful conversation about choosing a spouse who loves Jesus. Or having your kids introduce you to new movies or funny youtube videos that you *actually* find funny (I highly recommend Cory Kenshin..he plays horror games, BUT he does NOT cuss and is a christian). It's a season where you take all six of your kids to a town function, and suddenly you realize it's just the baby and the toddler - everyone else took off and they don't require your assistance. It's peace. It's calm.
Mamas of little ones, take heart. This season is trying, and it's the season when the worst possible thoughts and feelings will start trying to creep in as you attempt to keep your head above water.
But it's a temporary season.
And it's a short season.
Persevere, and look forward to the next season that's coming, because I can promise you, motherhood gets even better.

Galations 6:9
And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up.