Praying beyond the obvious

The Huskey family is in a bit of a spiritual and financial predicament.

I am 37 weeks pregnant (38 on wednesday) and I am stuck in a motel room.

Since I live in a secluded area with no hospital, my insurance requires that I am in a bigger town (in this case, Juneau!) from 37 weeks on - until the baby is born.

The problems we are facing include that we have no babysitter, so my three kids and husband are stuck in this tiny motel room with me. It is slightly stressful trying to entertain three small children with no toys and no space. Our second issue is that every day we are here, my husband is missing a day of work - and not getting paid for it.
Finally, depending on when the baby is actually born, we are possibly going to be stuck paying for plane tickets to get all three kids home or paying for a motel room to stay in until the next ferry - whichever is cheaper.

We don't usually keep several hundred extra dollars on hand for when my husband has to miss possibly a couple weeks worth of work and then additionally spend money on a motel or plane tickets. Now that the situation has arose, I realize we probably *should*, but as of now, we don't.

So what do we do?

The first thing that came to mind for me was that we needed to pray about the baby coming as soon as possible and to pray that it would be the exact correct number of days before the ferry that we could be discharged and head for home with minimal cost to us. It's easy to pray that everything will just line up correctly and everything will be peachy and perfect.

It's a little harder, but still within our means, to faithfully wait for the prayer to come to fruition and have our faith strengthened when, once again, everything has fallen into place perfectly to create the ideal circumstance.

It occurred to me, shortly after arriving in this motel room, that this is not at all what the Lord intended. We already trust him when everything goes smoothly, and it is easy to stay faithful when everything is going how you want it to. This time though, I am convinced that we should learn something different.

We are praying instead that we are going to be here as long as it takes for us to learn trust and patience in the capacity that was intended. If that means that I am here until 40 weeks, and we seem to suffer financially, then so be it. The lesson we are meant to learn is much more important than any monetary convenience.

I am not praying this in hopes that God will show us grace and everything *will* fall into place perfectly (although if that is His will, I will be grateful). More than anything, since I am not the financial provider in my house, I am praying that my husband will be open to receiving whatever lesson the Lord has in store for us here.

I would appreciate any prayers on the matter as well. It's not easy sitting back and just letting things happen when your human mind tells you that what you are doing is going to cause financial ruin. We are trying very hard to understand that "wisdom to the world is foolishness to God" and to let our actions reflect that. We are already being harassed about making the wrong choices as far as staying in Juneau without my husband working. Couple that with my body's natural reaction to a full-term pregnancy (at this point, I sort of start feeling hopeless and like I will literally just be pregnant forever :P) and it gets difficult to stay on the appointed path. So please keep my family and our well-being in mind while we await the arrival of our newest little blessing - whenever God intends!


  1. It never fails, just when you think nothing else can possibly happen another stone gets layed on your pile. Remember God only gives you what you can handle, keep your eyes to the skies and your heart open and he will reveal the answer, I pray he can use me as the vessel. If I could get there, I certainly would. Your one of the strongest woman I know, after all, look where you came from. I love you more than life itself and I have no doubt God will see you through this in tact. keep your faith and he will show you the way.


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