Reindeer Ornament Craft :)

Reindeer Decorative Box

Okay, so I thought this was totally cute, fast, and simple. It's an adorable little reindeer box decoration. I know it doesn't look like much now, but trust me - you will be glad you made one...or two. Click the picture and print it out (or two, like I did).
Cut out the picture - it doesn't have to be perfect, but make sure you leave the little ears intact...and don't lose the antlers like I almost did.
Fold everywhere there is a line, pretty much. Fold the tabs, too. It's self-explanatory really. It will fold into a cube when you roll it up. The bells on the bottom will end up being the square above the face, if that makes sense. I am pretty sure that everyone has done the craft where six squares turn into a cube, right?
I recommend using a glue stick because honestly, it is hard to get every last tab glued without detaching your hand and setting it inside the box while you fold it. 
The tricky part is getting the last tab or two to actually press to the square wall, so I just sort of pinched it from the outside and it seemed to work out okay. I did minimal damage to the shape of the box so I will call it a success.
Anyways, lastly, glue the little antlers onto the top (they have tabs too) and then VOILA!!!
Cutest little decoration EVER.
And this should literally take you about five minutes, assuming you have made boxes this way before.

I started out making these for the kids, but they were so cute I put them on my entertainment center instead.