How to fill your weekends

I found myself wondering, when I began scheduling, if I should try to schedule our weekends as well. I know that a lot of people will probably ask themselves this as well - we are, from a young age, instilled with the habits of taking weekends off. The weekend is our "break" from the daily grind, whether you go to school, work, or what have you. So naturally I was very put-off by the idea of scheduling my precious weekends. I also had more than one person (okay, was Josh and his mom) ask, astonishingly, "why would you schedule your weekend?"
The first weekend that came upon me once we started scheduling was a nightmare. I had originally intended to schedule my weekends, but I did not get around to it in time. My weekend ended up being a roller coaster of, well, for lack of a better term, crappy feelings. I felt slow, disorganized, lazy, bored, anxious, and I felt like the whole day was wasted and unfulfilled. I did not enjoy the down time at all - I just kept feeling like there was something I should have been doing. Even though part of the week preceding  my weekend was not entirely fraught with cleanliness and order, I had gotten enough of a taste for it that I wanted to go back. I found myself incorporating activities from my weekday schedule just to fill my weekend with meaning. We had "bible time" and played with play dough as an activity; we made a recipe or two, and tried to sneak in some school work too.

So I have come up with an idea for keeping some structure in the weekends, but allowing for some deviation. We make different plans for weekends, and I want to allow for fishing trips, different guests, and anything else that might pop up. But I also have seen, on several occasions, our day fall apart while we spend literally hours waiting for my parents to show up as we planned..... we end up wasting our whole day when they don't show up until the late afternoon. The way I have figured our weekends, we should still be able to accomplish a lot in the amount of time my parents may very well leave us hanging.

Here is the weekend set-up:

Things to accomplish on Saturday
  1. 1 full hour of uninterrupted free time per adult.
  2. 1 full hour of “project” time for deep cleaning and organizing.
  3. Weekly baking
  4. Family craft
  5. Bathing dogs
  6.  2 hours for Abby’s photography
  7. Park Time if weather permits
  8. Errands
  9. Next week’s shopping.
  10.  Bath with Dash

Things to accomplish on Sunday

  1. Church time
  2. Weekly food prep
  3. Diaper Laundry
  4. Josh shaving
  5. Family Dinner
  6. Family Walk with dogs
  7. Listening to last week’s sermon
  8. Bath with Rowan

 Basically, I'm just going to try to do all of these things in no particular order and with no set amount of time. I think Josh will appreciate that since he doesn't condone my use of punctual boundaries!

Now, since I haven't used this yet, I may end up changing it. If I find that there is not enough set in stone, and I flake out and don't get anything done, then I will put it into a spreadsheet with time labels.

 I guess we will see how this works out!