Homemade yogurt...whoopeeeee doooooo.

I'm going to attempt homemade yogurt tonight. I'm not, traditionally, a super-crafty mom that makes things like this at home. I like to, but realistically, I have trouble following directions and understanding. Josh's mom is here though, so I'll put out the extra effort and appeal to her desire for a daughter-in-law that isn't a total idiot when it comes to homemaking.
What you are supposed to do is take a half gallon of milk, cook it in the crock pot for 2.5 hours on low, then let it cool for 3 hours with the lid on it.
Then you take 1/2 a cup of store-bought yogurt and mix it in with two cups of the milk you have warmed before throwing it all back in together.
Finally, you turn it back on and wrap a towel or blanket around the whole mess and cook it for EIGHT hours. So yeah...like, over night.
You can strain it if you want it thick after this, or you can add fruit or whatever. You just save 1/2 a cup each time and use it to make another batch.
Supposedly it is super delicious and amazing, and obviously so much cheaper than any of the yogurt you can buy. I will update this post and let yall know how amazing (or craptastic) the yogurt is in the end. Also, if I screw it up. Which is also feasible.


Sooo....yeahhhhh....about that "yogurt."
I got impatient because my dad was supposed to bring me my mom's crock pot, and he didn't show up. So I decided to try a recipe that uses boiling milk on the stove. Josh's mom turned it down really far so it would boil "slowly" and about five hours later, we couldn't even tell if it was boiling or not. Nothing seemed to be going on in that pan. But now this morning, upon stirring the yogurt, we find it has little lumpies in it. So apparently it was boiling for God knows how long, causing the milk to cook more than it should have.
It didn't really affect much; the flavor is still great and it's still 110% edible. But just to prove the point, I can screw up yogurt. Although I think the biggest problem is that Josh's mom is a do-er, and I am an impatient slacker, and when working together and trying to do everything in each of our own ways, we tend to "overdo". It's like the phrase "too many cooks in the kitchen." We don't work well together at all. She was transferring the milk to a different container to cool it off, I was trying to stick it in a warmed oven, we couldn't agree on when it was boiling.... it was contrasting styles and suffice it to say, we don't work well together at ALL..... hahahaha.