No clever title. Sorry. I'm tired.

Okay, so that last post., "the story of us", was a little too serious for my tastes. I don't remember actually laughing at anything while writing it, so I imagine you did not once "lawl" while reading.
Right now I am sitting at my laptop eating some oreos. This may seem contradictory to a previous post in which I mentioned that we were eating healthier, but for the record, I wrote that before coming up several hundred dollars short on our rent this month and being left unable to buy groceries. Long story short, a friend brought over some things sent by his sister, things he didn't want/need and so we are devouring it - even the oreos.
Anyways, I wanted to lighten the mood a little bit by blogging about something we can all see the humor in - children getting hurt.
Just joking!!
Sort of....
I was reading a hilarious post on Babycenter about things we have done to our children/babies that make us bad moms.
And boy, do I have plenty of those!
Between dropping my daughter in the tub at two months old, letting my son get his chubby fingers slammed shut in the door, and my son nearly suffocating my baby to death by trying to give him "loves", I think I have something for everyone.
I even fell down the stairs while holding the baby when he was not even two months old! Not that that is my fault - you can't really control how adequately you tread on solid ice. I suppose I could have controlled the shoes I was wearing, which were unfortunately sweater boots. But it doesn't matter now. I lived with the bruised butt cheek for a couple weeks and Royal never even knew what happened.
It's kind of crazy though, seeing all these random women sharing their stories of horror. Some of them were imminently frightening - a woman's four-year-old daughter went outside in the middle of the night and tried to start the car - while others were technically dangerous, but not really anything to lose sleep over - like all the moms who had driven home without actually buckling the baby into the carseat.
It begins to make you wonder how you rarely hear about terrible things happening to children by accident. As parents we are tired, disconnected, scatter-brained, and you name it. We forget the baby is in the car for a while minute, we let the baby roll off the changing table, we clip the baby's fingernails too short and when the blood comes, we cry right along with her.
But the real detrimental accidents seem so few and far between when you consider how many new (and experienced, alike) parents make common, tiny mistakes.
If that's not proof of someone watching over the littles, I don't know what is.