Can you see your own reflection?

Ask any person that you have ever met if they can describe themselves.
The first words out of their mouths will be something along the lines of how good of a person they are, as per their closest friends' or family members' description. No one will ever say that they see themselves as honest, helpful, caring, giving, and just all around a great person. Most people will say "my friends think I'm -" or "I've been told I am very -".....
Some people, as a display of conceited modesty, will claim negative traits. Usually these "negative" traits are unrealistic and slightly laughable.
"I can get really angry." - yeah thanks...that only describes 98% of the population of the universe.
"I'm so giving that sometimes I give too much." - Wow. That must be so hard for you....

It has become a terrible epidemic that people find themselves to be too much of a good thing on the outside. If you dress like you think you are sexy, you are branded a slut. If you take pictures of yourself, you must think you are pretty, and are therefore completely obnoxiously full of yourself.
I promise, this is not leaning towards that whole "Don't judge a book by it's cover, having my lip pierced doesn't make me emo" type of things.
How long has it been since you really looked at yourself in the mirror?
There are so many people that I know see the caring, giving, honest person they are on the inside. But no one can seem to tell when they are selfish, whiny, bitchy, controlling, or downright stuck-up. It's pretty bad that you can't see this for yourself, because no one else can say anything to you. If you look around and notice that the people closest to you are constantly acting sad about something you have done, you are probably being cruel to them. If you find that no one wants to be around you, you are probably an abrasive person.
Just give yourself an honest look up-and-down in the mirror. Don't look at the face value of what you see; look at what is reflected. What is reflected in the people around you? More importantly, what is reflected in your relationships?
If it seems like no one is quite up to par with you, you are probably the one-upper. If no one tells you that you are pretty, you might be ugly on the inside, or you might be fishing for compliments so much that it makes people irritated.
Whatever you do, don't ask your husband or boyfriend to give you an evaluation. No matter how much he promises, he will not tell you even an iota of the truth. Men are only consistently intelligent in one way - they will not bite the hand that feeds them. And please don't ask me to graphically explain that metaphor.
If you feel like your friends don't talk to you about their problems anymore, you might have been a bad listener. If you notice that someone has been trying to reach you in any sense of the words, and they get upset at being brushed off, they might feel like you are taking them for granted.

I don't know what my reflection says about me. I'd like to think all the best about myself, but it's really hard for me to evaluate (especially due to my recent lack of a social life).

Maybe if you know me in person, or even if you don't, you can let me know how you would profile me. Where are my flaws? What is wrong with my reflection? Feel free to let me know if you have an opinion. Comment. Email me. Send me an anonymous tip.

I just don't want to be the person hurting those around them anymore, just in case that is me after all.