TWW becomes the 4WW :/

Time to update the old blogeroo. I am now just about 17 past the point that a period should have occured. In "actively trying" terms, that's about 17 days past when I should have gotten a positive pregnancy test. Yeah - neither happened. So I am now in what I hatefully refer to as the "TTC Limbo." I ordered three cheap dollar tree tests from, in hopes that taking more tests will give me an answer. I intend to take one with breast milk just to be sure. My only guess at this point is that the tests I took were not the extra-sensitive type, and the extra-sensitive ones gave my a faint positive at 10 days late. So maybe....
I hold out hope ALWAYS until the red flag starts waving (you know what I mean).
I'm jumping the gun a bit. I was hoping at this point to announce a "BFP" but no go. So instead I have told a few people about my missed period. Slightly less epic, but it feels like something to me.
Here's a toast to more waiting ~
Oh...this may be TMI....but hey, don't come to my blog if you have a weak stomach!
My nipples have been itchy and burning all day. That is the first thing that has happened that is actually a pregnancy symptom for me instead of a period/pregnancy symptom. I'm about two weeks from morning sickness, so I guess I'm still in the TWW in a way! Okay, that's reaching.