Digging a hole to bury myself in....

Well, I've been thinking a lot about babies lately. Obviously.
I don't want to get all baby-crazy, but it's hard not to focus on it.
We've discussed baby names and I won't lie, I ordered some bulk preggo tests,
and baby t-shirts.
I'd rather be prepared, no matter the outcome this month.
We are only days away from possibly conceiving, which believe it or not,
 I am excited for.
Not much else to report... except that I learned today that you are more likely
to have a girl if you have an acidic pH balance,
and you are more likely to have a boy if you have sex close to ovulation. Weird eh?
The "female" sperm are more hearty and live longer, but the "male" sperm are faster
 and stronger! So now it's got me thinking - if you "try" for a girl by doin' it three days
before you ovulate, aren't you less likely to get pregnant at all? Is that why it
is harder to have girls in general?

Anywho, if we have a girl next, she will be Kenadie Lane. A boy, he will be Archer
 Matthias. :)
Over and out!