Let me tell you something about pregnancy tests....

I am the authority on preggo tests. For real. I took only one with my first child, at six weeks. I took probably 4-6 for my second pregnancy before I finally got a positive. Plus two the month before, when I had a chemical pregnancy. Then another two the month before I had a miscarriage. That caused me to really worry about my third pregnancy in which I took about five dollar tree tests, two First Response Early result and two FRER digitals. Then I took another ten maybe throughout the course of my pregnancy because I was afraid I would miscarry.
Here's my deal : The tests that say "blah blah days before your missed period" do not tell me ANYTHING until I am several days late. I have heard of several women getting a + with these tests around 5 days after having the sex that conceives their babies.
When I was pregnant with my second babe, I started testing four days before my period. I continued to test until I was 11 days late for my period, when I finally got my "BFP"(big fat positive - it's a forum thing) and it really wasn't all that "big" or "fat". You could hardly see it because it was so thin and faint that we were unsure if it was a positive or not.
We had basically the same thing with the next. It took about a week to two weeks late before my TFP (tiny faint positive) showed its face. And even then my husband did not think it was positive, so I tested with the digital and it said "pregnant."

I did some searching and found out that sometimes, the HcG goes into your breastmilk instead of your pee. I was breastfeeding so it made sense - so I checked with a dollar tree test after I had very much confirmed my pregnancy. I used breastmilk on the test and it was the darkest positive I ever got. It turned color as the milk seeped across, which had never happened before.

Which brings us to today. Today is supposed to be the first day of my period - which has not shown up yet. I ordered a package of 15 pregnancy tests (internet cheapies, we call them) because I have such a hard time getting an positive test. Well, I have three left. I am kind of out of control with the pee sticks. I admit it. But I keep hoping that this little second line will pop up before my missed period and it NEVER happens. Plus, just to double check, I have been testing pee and boob. Nothing. All negative so far. So I'm always torn between "not enough HcG yet" and "Guess I'm not pregnant."
It's a rollercoaster, for sure. I did not tell my husband how many of the tests I've used, because even though they were cheap, he would probably have expected me to use a little more self control.
Oh well. Here's to waiting for Aunt Flo to show up.