15 tests later....

Bored out of my mind. I’ve taken 15 pregnancy tests and no real result yet. I'm 5-6 days late still. My husband has forbid me to take anymore tests until Friday. I guess I’ll just blog whatever else comes to mind for the time being.

I spent the last week playing Donkey Kong Country returns for Wii. It was merely okay. There were a few levels that I totally needed what I call “the cheater monkey” because they were damn near impossible. I’ll suffice it to say “impassable” instead. Either way, those levels were garbage. You know what else was garbage? Okay, what do you think of when you think of Doney Kong? Barrels that blast you around, the mine cart levels, and the special animals you get to ride. Well the barrels were a little too sparse, the mine carts were ridiculously hard, and I rode ONE animal. That’s right. I found ONE rhino the whole game. The bonus content and unlockables were outrageous to get to, and I accidentally used the cheater monkey on the last level, not realizing that it is connected to the final boss fight so I didn’t even get to play him. Needless to say, I'm glad it was a gamefly game and we didn’t buy it. Cause I’d want my money back.