My four week wait......

I woke up this morning to…yep. My period. Too much info? I’m sorry. Last I checked, we are both adults, and we are all well aware that women have periods.
Moving on.
This is what - day three without birth control? Well I suppose that’s all it takes. I’m thinking I should definitely write this down though, because the only time I’ve ever remembered when my cycle started was when we were trying for a baby. And I would hate to get pregnant and have a catawampus due date, since my kids never measure quite accurately.
I know all the emphasis women put on what we call the “Two week wait.” Meaning that when you think you have conceived, it takes roughly two weeks to see if you start you period. I guess this will be my “four week wait” to see what happens. Here’s looking at you, April 23rd.
Oh man…I just realized that if I get pregnant this cycle, I will have a baby due in late December, which is when my first son’s birthday is! Would God do that to me? I guess we will find out.


  1. I have one born Dec 15, and one Dec 24. Not fun! But, oh well, right? :-)


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